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Dog Training

- We help you train your dog!

Sofia and Emma are now in Spain and San Pedro to help you train your dog. We speak english and swedish. If you want spanish send us an email and we will try to fix it.

- We offer Full courses, Single lessons or private training

Upcoming dates for courses and private training with

Sofia Angleby

27-31 March 2023, San Pedro beach

On the grass area next to restaurang L'uniquè, we have ar beach flag so you can see us

PRIVATE Training with Emma Thorsell is available April 2023

This is what we offer

1. You can take a full course including three lessons for puppy and young dog. There is one course in the daytime and one in the evening. You see the courses written in pink in the schedule
2. You can also build your own course by choosing freely from different sessions with tricks, agility, obedience, rally obedience and nose work.
The ones you can choose from are written in purple.
You can train as many times as you wish during the week that Sofia is here. You can also train several sessions every day.
We adapt to everyone's different levels
3. You can take private lessons and then we practice exactly what you like
4. If you are at least three friends who want their own course, we will arrange it. Email us and we will find the time and day

Both Sofia and Emma will be present at all training sessions so you will have a lot of time with a coach


Puppy and young dogs
1,5 hours/lesson 140 euro

Ultimate Puppy & young dogs

We lay the foundation for you and your dog's contact and relationship. We practice contact, compliance, leash training, listening, sitting, lying, standing, staying, not jumping when people come and passivity etc. We will also have time to practice some tricks with your dog.


1 hours/lesson 30 euro


Agility is about getting through an obstacle course in as few errors as possible with the fastest time. We will try obstacles such as tunnel, jump and slalom

Puppys and Dogs
1 hours/lesson 30 euro


All dogs love to use their noses and this is a perfect opportunity to try nose work. Using the nose is a perfect way to activate and train your dog.

Here you get to train with Sofia who is a trained instructor and judge. You get lots of guidance and information on how nose work is done.

1 hours/lesson 30 euro


Here we train things like dog meetings, walk nice in leash, stay, call in your dog, not touch, walk and maybe we will have time for some tricks.

And if you have taken this course before, we will go further and develop you and your dog at your level

1 hours 30 euro

Rally Obedience

Is a sport where the dog and the driver must follow a track with different signs. Each sign contains different obedience elements and there are four different competition classes so there are signs and courses that suit everyone, regardless of beginner or advanced.

1 hours 30 euro


Why not teach your dog to pick up the remote for the TV or hang laundry.
Sit nice, bow, roll, wave, spin, back around, slalom, dance, fetch, jump, crawl and play dead are some examples of tricks we will practice.

After a few lessons of tricks you will be able to impress all your friends and family.

1 hours 30 euro

DOG meetings & Leash walk 

1.Dog meetings 
You and your dog will have different challenges with a focus on dog meetings.

2.Walk nicely on a leash  
How do we get the dog to walk nicely on a leash on the walk?

On this occasion, you get lots of tips and tricks, which you can use to give both you and your dog a nicer walk together.


Puppys and Dogs
1 hours 65 euro

Private lessons

If you want private training for Sofia who is a dog psychologist and dog trainer, email us and book a time that suits you both.

You and your dag can train by yourself or share one hour with someone.

Puppys and Dogs
1,5 hours

Your own course

If you are at least three friends who want your own course, we will arrange it. Just e-mail us and we will find the time and day.


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Sofia Angleby

Sofia is, among other things, a professional dog trainer and dog psychologist. We have listed her educations, courses and experiences under contact since the list is so long. But here is a short presentation

Sofia is one of Sweden's most hired dog instructors. She competes in several different dog sports, she is a competition judge, trains other instructors and judges in different dog sports.

In addition to all the experience and education she has, Sofia is happy, social and treats all her client in a personal way.

Sofia has 4 dogs plus one bonus dog. The American shepherd, Viva, who is 11 years old. The Yorkshire Terrier Lyxz 9 years, her daughter Bling Bling 6 years and her daughter Catching 2 years.

More about Sofias educations and experiences HERE

Sofia always finds a solution for each dog and its owner!

Emma Thorsell

Emma is a trained freestyle and agility instructor and is currently doing an internship with Sofia Angleby and Lotta Bauer. In puppy training, obedience, nose work and freestyle. And she also have movie star course for dogs.

Emma has two own dogs the mixed breed Molly 6 years and the poodle Bubbel 3 years.

Emma and Molly compete at the highest level in freestyle and rally obedience. They have qualified in teams for the Swedish championships in agility and just tog bronze in freestyle TtM togheter whit Sofia and her dog Lyxz.
Molly alsow works as a dog actress.
Molly has had a leading role in the Swedish Christmas calendar, she is also starring in feature films, TV series and commercials. Now she is going to be one of the lead role in the new series MINIAGENTERNA

Emma and Bubbel are members of the Swedish development team TopTeam Sweden and are investing heavily in agility. Bubbel is competes in both Sweden and Spain in the highest class. They just qualified for the Swedish championships both individually and in teams.
They also train both rally obedience and freestyle togheter.

The schedule for March 2023 is now available 

You can choose between a 3-day course, 2- day course, single lessons, try it out or private training. To see the full schedule click on the button

Previous courses wiht Sofia Angleby

28 march - 1 april 2022, San pedro beach

27 September - 1 october 2021, San pedro beach

7-11 June 2021, San pedro beach

Some of the participants from courses such as puppy, young dog, tricks, walking nicely on a leash, summoning and private lessons

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