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NOV 2023-March 2024

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San Pedro Beach
Meeting point:
Look at the map a little further down. We meet on the beach promenade next to the restaurant L´Uniquè

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More about Sofia

Sofia Angleby
Sofia founded her company Heart of gold Hundcenter in 2005. She work full time with her biggest interest in life: Dogs!
She have courses for dog owners, private training & problem investigations. She also educates instructors mainly in rally obedience, freestyle and nose work. Sofia i a judge in nose work, freestyle and rally obedience and she also train rally obedience judges.
She also competes herself in all of the sports above

In 2012-2015, Sofia also had a dog daycare in Stockholm. But today she work with courses and educations full time and and she has a 700 square meter dog traning center in Stockholm, Sweden

Sofia i known to have the knowledge and training to train dog owners and dogs. She educational and committed. She is positive and passionate about helping people and dogs to have a better life. She always adapt to the individual and she is flexible. Below you can read her educations and her own animals.

She have always been interested in animals and wanted to work with animals. All of her life she had animals in the home such as birds, rabbits, mice, guinea pig breeding, cats and dogs. And she have learned a lot from them. She have trained other people's dogs and my own since 1994.
Then the training started in earnest immediately after three years in high school when she first practiced for six months at the veterinary clinic.
Sofia went to
After the internship, she educated her self to a dog trainer followed by specialized Dog Psychologist. After that, she has continued to continuously further her education.
For her both the mental and physical in animals is very interesting.


• Dog instructor, Hundens hus Stockholm 2004
• Specialized Dog Psychologist, Hundens hus Stockholm 2004-2005. These educations included:
• Assistance dog instructor
• Chanterelle search instructor
• Problem dog consultant
• Clicker instructor
• Chicken Camp Stage 1, Marie Fogelquist
In-depth racial knowledge
• Ethology, Runar Naess & Kerstin Malm
In-depth psychology
• Learning psychology; operant & classical conditioning
• Eva Bodfäldt's Workshop
• Massage, stretching & wellness for dogs
• Reading dog 1
• Games & games / advanced course
In-depth Recall & leash training
• Game trail intro
• Odor discrimination and search, Anne Lill Kvam
• ID & person traces, Anne Lill Kvam
• Genetics

Further training & lectures:

• Soothing signals, Turid Rugaas 2004
• C-15 course, Veterinarian 2004
• SKK conference "A dog for life" 2005
• Freestyle instructor, Frida Binette 2005
• Bach flower drops, Eva Hällerstam 2005
• ADVENTURE Dog Conference 2005
Driving force & motivation, Anders Hallgren 2006
• Workshop for puppy & young dogs, Anne-Lill Kvam 2006
• "How do you handle your dog's expectations", Roger Markström 2006
• ADVENTURE Dog Conference 2006
• Animal communication, Pernilla Carlqvist 2006
• Rally obedience instructor, Pia Johnsen 2007
• Rally obedience judge, Pia Johnsen 2007
• Handler course, Gerard O´Shea 2007
• Canis Seminar with Bob Bailey and Kathy Sdoa 2007
• Special search basic course, Hundcampus 2007
• ADVENTURE Dog Conference 2007
• Semenarium with Ken Ramirez & Kathy Sdao 2008
• Trading course continued with Gerard O´shea 2008
• Vårdhundskolan lecture with Ingeborg Höök 2009
• Animalia lecture about the wolf 2009
• Freestyle workshop 2009
• Treibball instructor training 2009
• Freestyle workshop 2010
• Freestyle and HTM with Richard Curtis 2010
• Ethology at Stockholm University 2010
• The dog's evolution, genetics and behavior at Stockholm University 2010
• Semenarium with Bob Bailey, Parvene Farhoody, Tobias Gustavsson, Jens Karlsson & Björn Forkman 2011
• Workshop in Freestyle & HTM with Kath Hardman and Karen Sykes, Linköping 2011
• ADVENTURE Dog Conference 2011
• The dog's behavioral biology 1, Linköping University 2011
• Inspiration weekend ANIMAL TRAINING with Ken Ramirez, Nordens Ark 2011
• Training for instructor trainers in Freestyle, SKK 2011
• Behavior adjustment training, seminar with Grisha Stewart 2012
• SKK´s Freestyle instructor training steps 1 & 2 2013
• Nose work Instructor training, ACT / Dala Dog Service 2014