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Dog actress

Dogs for series, films, commercials, both still and moving image material

If you are looking for a dog for film, TV, advertising, show or other media, Molly or Bubbel may be the right dog for you. Experience in TV, film, still photography, show, competition and exhibition.

The dogs train and compete in agility, obedience, tricks, rally obedience, freestyle, heel work to music, team work to music, nose work, game tracking, strength training, balance, hoopers, parkour, etc.

Who are Molly, Bubbel and Poppa?

If you have any questions, please contact Emma, the teacher.


Molly is great at her job as an actress and an experienced dog who knows lots of different tricks. She has no problem playing with other people both adults and children.

She is used to different filming environments and loves having an audience when she acts.

Molly actively competes in several different dog sports such as agility, freestyle, HtM, TtM, nose work, rally obedience and obedience. She has among other things Stockholm champion in agility and a SM bronze in freestyle team on her merit list.

Her CV would make many 2-legged actors jealous.


Bubbel is a superstar and belongs to the Swedish elite in agility. Bubbel has recorded commercials but is waiting to do more fun assignments.

In addition to agility, she also competes in rally obedience, freestyle, HtM and nose work.


Poppa is a future agility superstar. But she also trains other things.

She is still a wild little puppy but has good stability and does what her mom says.

Mollys CV English

Mollys CV Swedish

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You can reach mom Emma at vov@mytips.se

Emma Thorsell

I have courses in movie dog, agility, tricks, puppy and everyday obedience.